We love what we do, and you will love it too.

Experienced Team

An experienced and able team, with team members from various sectors ranging from I.T to Events to Infrastructure, our team is more than capable of fulfilling all our clients requirements without any short comings. Having dealt with clients coming from various socio-cultural and geographical backgrounds we have developed a keen sense of understanding our clients in-depth. 

Cutting Edge Technologies

We strive to use the latest and greatest in technology and methodologies so that we can tackle any problem. Supporting trending platforms from mobiles to embed and custom devices and services, we strive to provide the best and the latest so that even our clients remain cutting edge.

Customized Solutions

With multiple custom and built to order solutions deployed across India, South East Asia, Europe and Canada, we are capable of creating unique and one of a kind solutions using majorly Open Source components at the fraction of a cost  and without the hassles of licensing of proprietary solutions and if our client demands it, we are also well versed in Closed Source / proprietary so as to keep the client satisfied at all times.

Transparency & Security

We maintain total project transparency. Each and every aspect of what goes into the project is clarified with the customer; may it be code, raw materials or manpower, we keep our clients in the loop so that they are well aware that what they are getting is what they paying for.

Unmatched Support

Believing in the policy of "Client before everything else", our team is well trained to assist and at times advice our clients on any aspect whether related or unrelated to the clients project.In case of emergencies our team has provided on-site support to many of our clients even in matters not pertaining or involving us in any way, so as to keep our clients smiling at all times. Our support team comes online from 7am upto 11pm.

Partners Across Different Verticals

Having a  foundation in strong partnerships and relations across the industry, we are well established to provide different kinds of solutions to our clients thanks to our partners and friends.We are partnered with 5 Different ISP's, 2 Datacenters, 2 Construction firms and a few educational and learning centers.


About E|X|i|T|S Consultancy Services

Established in 2009, with the three founders  just out of schooling & working as freelancers, it has been a long and happy journey for us till date.

After having worked with various clients, from small & localized businesses to international firms, we have always made it a point to make the customer feel like our extended family and know that their I.T. as well as other miscellaneous  needs will be fulfilled by us exceeding their expectations always!

Not convinced yet?

We have Website Development Packages from Rs. 499 to Rs. 1 Lakh and above. Yes you read it right, your very own website @ Just Rs. 499 (min.)

There is also provision for customized pricing after deliberations with clients on all types of I.T. & non-I.T. projects that we handle.

We do not leave our clients at the mercy of support tickets or support execs, instead a developer is assigned to each project who is also required to coordinate with the client. In addition the founders also coordinate directly with the client to interpret their needs & wants so that nothing slips through and the project is delivered as expected.

We help the client setup their businesses from scratch, handling everything for them right from registration to setting up their I.T. infrastructure & Online presence to handling their grand opening with catering, event management and all necessary nuances

We provide top quality, secure, robust and enterprise grade applications. We design our systems in such a way allowing for high level of scalability, using CDNs, multiple servers and the likes.

The solutions we provide are also managed by our team on request so that the client can concentrate on other important aspects of their business.

We provide the whole package from conception to deployment and management of the Business Solution we have developed for you.

Recent Blog Posts

Exits Consultants in India has been providing Managed Services for my eCommerce Website for more than a year. They’ve been managing the applications effectively based on agreed application performance and service SLAs. They have proactively solved issues impacting the business and handled the continuous releases of the applications without downtime.

Shashank Sharma, Bolkaart

Working with Exits Consultants feel working with an in-house team. It feels as if we have gained an internal team of the company. They provide highly scaled team. The flexibility, agility and scalability are maximum and it is amazingly how open and trusted they are. They are very proactive.
Exits Consultants is a very professional and expanding company. If you come here it feels like you are a part of the family. They believe in “Work Hard, Party Hard” In short Exits Consultants Rocks!

Kevil Shah, Variety Infotech